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Matt Helders: New Arctic Monkeys tracks 'more traditional'



© Steven C. Mitchell/epa/Corbis

Arctic Monkeys drop their new album Suck It And See in just over a month and sticksman Matt Helders reckons it's a little different to 2009's Humbug.

He told The Fly that not only is their latest opus on the whole more melodic than its predecessor, it also marked a shift in songwriting style for the band.

Helders said: "There are bits in there that are heavy and bits that are fast, but in general a lot of the tunes are based on, I suppose, a more traditional way of writing songs. Starting off with chords and lyrics and melody and putting it all together, whereas before we wrote songs differently. This time, when Alex [Turner] was writing songs on his own, he tried a different approach, too."

Suck It And See is released on 6 June.