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Jason Bonham: 'We wanted to prove something at Led Zep gig'

Jason bonham

Jason bonham

© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Jason Bonham has spoken about his 2007 stint behind the kit for Led Zeppelin - admitting that the whole band felt like they had something to prove at the London reunion show.

He told Ultimate Guitar: "Obviously there had been things in the past where things hadn't gone as well but this time everyone was prepared; we were all very, very prepared. And really, really hungry to do it and wanted to play and I think everybody, not only myself, wanted to prove something. I think everybody wanted to prove something.

"Everyone was on top form and on top of their game. For me, I'm looking forward to... I hope one day they release the DVD of that or the CD. That would be a wonderful thing for me to have officially something with my name on it that had Led Zeppelin above it would be any drummer's dream."