Hey, Ho, Let’s Sue!

Richie Ramone, who spent four years as drummer for the seminal punk band between 1983 and 1987, has issued legal proceedings over the digital sale of six songs that he wrote for the band, including'Smash You,' 'Somebody Put Something In My Drink,' 'Human Kind,' 'I'm Not Jesus,' 'I Know Better Now' and '(You) Can't Say Something Nice'.

Richie (whose surname is Reinhardt - still got a good ring to it, we reckon) has issued legal papers against not only the estate of late guitarist Johnny Ramone, but the band's management, in addition to digital music operations run by Apple, RealNetworks and Wal-Mart. Reinhardt is seeking nearly $1 million in unpaid roylaties through claims that he didn´t give permission for the songs to be sold via download, and that he hasn't received any royalties for songs already sold. He also wants to put an injunction place to stop the future digital sale of the tracks.

So far, the defendants in the case have declined to comment.