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Grohl: I play guitar like a drummer

Fresh from talking drums in this month´s monster Rhythm interview, Dave Grohl has revealed that drumming is on his mind even when he´s playing guitar.

He told our sister publication Guitarist that he takes a drum-orientated stance when it comes to strapping on a six string.

Grohl said: “I like to play guitar like a drummer. When I look at a guitar I almost look at it like a drum set where your low E string is the kick drum, your A and D are the snare and so when you're writing riffs I use the lower notes as kick and snare and the higher notes as cymbals."

The full interview is in issue 325 of Guitarist.

To read the Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures star´s only dedicated drum interview, pick up the March issue of Rhythm.