Gary Powell: I'd forgotten what it was like to be a Libertine



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The Libertines 2010 reunion shows reminded Gary Powell just what it means to be part of the indie foursome. The drummer told us all about the gigs and what the future has in store.

Gary said: "The Libertines reunion went better than I'd imagined. We were supposed to be in the studio rehearsing for two weeks, of that we managed to do 11 hours. We put the set together the day before our first show. One of the reasons it worked was audience participation, which is something I'd completely neglected.

"I forgot completely what it was like to be a Libertine performing the music. It went really well and it was great back being with the guys again."

He admitted that the handful of shows had a huge emotional impact.

"It was quite heart wrenching to leave. I had to have an hour by myself after we played at Reading because it came and went so quickly. I think it'll be one of those moments I'll never forget."

On the thought of more shows Gary added: "There's speculation [about more shows] but whether it actually happens or not, you'll need better people than me to actually answer that. Even if it does it happen again, I don't think it'll be anything that surpasses the feeling of playing those shows.

"It ended really, really positive. We ended up playing the music, even with the limited rehearsal we had, better and with more emotion than we ever did. I think time, age and other elements really helped us to understand and interpret the music.

"I'm not waiting for it, or expecting it. Life goes on. If there was going to be Libertines stuff happening this year I would have to try and get them to fit it around my schedule."

Gary's mind-boggling schedule currently includes running a record label, playing in his band Invasion Of and performing with DJ duo London Guns. There's probably ten things we missed off there as well.

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