Bobby Z: I was 'part of a miracle'



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Bobby Z feels like he has 'dodged a bullet' after suffering a heart attack earlier this year.

The former Prince drummer told "I wish I could tell you where I went, but I went somewhere and came back - and that does make you feel like you were part of a miracle or you dodged a bullet."

Thankfully Bobby is well on his way to a full recovery after being admitted to hospital due to suffering neck, chest and arm pains.

He added: "My expression is, 'I'm back in the saddle, but the horse is a little slower.'"

Bobby, who was sticksman for the purple one from 1978 to 1986, also revealed that Prince was among those to help him through the downtime.

"He [Prince] talked to my wife, Vicki, he talked to my son, Joey. I think there is a connection that we had in the beginning that is very strong. I think the emotions tugged on him pretty good."

Rich Chamberlain

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