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Xvive Sweet Leo review

Cool for cats

  • £62
  • €61

Our Verdict

With oodles of nuance this is a versatile asset for any pedalboard.


  • Growl knob.


  • None.

Does Xvive’s latest roar like a lion? 

Well, maybe - but the Leo here actually refers to Mr Fender. No surprise, then that this mini pedal - designed by renowned German axe-slinger Thomas Blug - has more than just a hint of what some of those early tweed and blackface amps were famous for, with a range from a glassy clean boost, through subtle grittiness to cranked combo raunch. 

The tone knob offers a practical range that perfectly focuses your guitar’s upper-mid presence, but the secret weapon is the Growl knob, which dials a gorgeous extra dimension of harmonic complexity into the driven sound.