Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion review

No-holds-barred gated fuzz

  • £165
  • €192
  • $149

MusicRadar Verdict

Well worth a look if you’re after epic fuzz.


  • +

    Great for high-volume riffing.


  • -

    Non-negotiable gating.

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The manufacturer describes this as a ‘velcro’ type fuzz, and it’s true with the tone rolled up and the fuzz on full, but it shines with the tone somewhere further down with squishy, choked-off sustain allowing for high-volume stoner riffage without unwanted feedback. 

It’s labelled a fuzzstortion (a nod to fuzzes descended from the Big Muff) and it also boasts top footswitch actuation.

Its only drawback is that the gating is non-negotiable, and when you want to let rip, you’ll have to switch to a different pedal with more sustain. 

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