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Spitfire Audio North 7 Vintage Keys review

Spitfire does it again

  • £236

Our Verdict

Another superb set from Spitfire.


  • Excellent sound.


  • No manual!

Four multisampled classic electric pianos (21,860 samples, 25GB uncompressed) for Kontakt and Kontakt Player, are here presented in Sptifire's supercharged dual-layer eDNA engine, as previously seen in Albion One and eDNA Earth.

The instruments 
themselves comprise a Rhodes
Stage 73, a Clavichord, a Wurlitzer
and a 1962 Rhodes Piano Bass, all
 sampled via DI as well as through a
range of amps.

The eDNA scripted 
engine might look like an odd choice, with its decidedly un-vintage, un-'keyboardy' GUI, but it's certainly powerful, and the three folders of presets created using its deeper functionality showcase its potential very well.

North 7 Vintage Keys is another stellar release from Spitfire, combining knock-out sounds - the Bass Piano, in particular - with excellent playability and an engine that is, if anything, more powerful than it needs to be.

However, this doesn't quite get a 5/5 score due to the fact that there's no included manual, which, at this price, beggars belief - particularly given that the inclusion of one is trumpeted on the web page!