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Sonic Reality Triple Guitars review

Enhance your six-stringed options with this Reason add-on

  • £40
  • $59
A variety of guitar effects patches can be combined with the vanilla guitar sounds.

MusicRadar Verdict

A solid selection of sounds, enhanced by the effects options.


  • +

    Good variety of patches. Effects really add to sound and versatility.


  • -

    Some patches sounds a bit mediocre.

Following the same format as the Triple Bass ReFill, this CD covers guitars.

Patches are grouped into the following categories: Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Insert and Send patches, Mixed Guitars and Guitar FX, Reverb patches and Scream patches.

The effects patches are really handy and demonstrate just what you can do with Reason's modules combined in Combinator patches.

Though some of these guitars are stunning, others do seem a little mediocre. Careful use of effects can take all the patches to another level, however.

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