Numark iDJ2 review

At last there's a solution to DJing with just one iPod

  • £499
The Numark iDJ2 has a large colour screen

Our Verdict

A useful tool which performs solidly, yet it's let down by minor usability flaws and the high price.


  • The simplest way to mix two tracks from your iPod. Sturdily built.


  • BPM counter seems inaccurate. Expensive.

It seems slightly bizarre to us that we´ve been waiting so long for this. At last there´s a simple, reliable way to play two tracks at once out of your iPod.

In the face of cheaper, less useful mixers or full-on pro-spec offerings, you now have full control of your track´s levels, but are able to scratch, mix and loop with the best.

The Numark iDJ2 is a big, chunky piece of kit cast in solid plastic but it´s imposing enough to be taken seriously. The fun starts when you drop in your Pod (which has to be 4th or 5th generation) and the machine spends the next 40 minutes reading its content and writing an index file back to it. With this party hurdle out of the way the iDJ2 can access your iPod in an instant, and quickly place a track on either of its two plastic platters. Just dial through on the colour screen, take your pick and rack it up. While one track plays, cue up another and discreetly adjust tempo and pitch like the pros. You can even import tracks from a USB stick for live plug ‘n´ playability.

Problems come with the BPM counter which we found frankly inaccurate. Use your ears, however, and it does the job as well as any house party DJ could require. It works great but is ultimately too costly for amateurs, and there are sturdier ‘pro´ alternatives if DJing is your job rather than your hobby.