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Neat Beecaster review

A neat little USB mic

  • £229
  • $349

Our Verdict

This is a handy USB mic offering quality sound capture for a wide range of sources.


  • Strong performer.


  • None.

Neat Microphones' Beecaster brings new sophistication to the concept of desktop USB mic by having selectable polar patterns delivered by an array of four large diameter condenser capsules inside their large rectangular housing.

You get mono recording with a cardioid pattern, plus three types of stereo: normal (XY), wide (Blumlein) and focused (M/S).

Solidly-built with a heavy base and adjustable metal arm that can position the business end of the mic wherever you need it, plus monitoring neatly sorted via a volume knob and mute switch, the Beecaster is the most practical desktop USB mic we've seen.