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Dytone Smoozy review

An overdrive pedal that's as smooth as it's name

  • £88.99
The Smoozy sounds like its name suggests - smooth and dark.

MusicRadar Verdict

A great little box that offers classic dirty blues tone at the flick of a switch.


  • +

    Great bluesy tone. Has both lead and rhythm applications.


  • -

    Not for rock and metal crowd.

In the eyes of most people, Germany's contribution to music is readily associated with austere electronica and a tradition of great classical composers.

The Berlin-based Dytone brand is doing its bit to add overdriven guitars to the list, with a range of sexy dirtboxes blessed with varying degrees of filth.

Smoozy is voiced for a fat EQ curve to give aspiring guitar heroes an instant passport to those revered, rounded blues sounds without selling one's soul at a nearby crossroads.

This pedal is useful for some non-lead guitar applications; use low drive settings to add a little analogue warmth to otherwise sterile signals, or try it out on bass for sumptuous dark saturation.

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