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Dotec-Audio DeeFat review

Putting some meat on your tracks

  • €49

Our Verdict

As a zero-effort dynamics solution DeeFat is well worth checking out.


  • Great beats and basslines.


  • Some clipping issues.

A 'one knob' - or more literally, one slider - compressor plugin, DeeFat claims to be able to fatten up whatever you push through it using a combination of compression, multiband analysis and filtering, and additive enhancement.

There's quite a lot going on under the hood, then, but all the user has to concern themselves with is how much of it to apply, via the big 'railed' slider, which simply intensifies the effect the further you lower it.

The glitzy metering isn't meant to be taken particularly seriously, with the main meters showing output level (height) and gain reduction (width), and the circular meter also reflecting output level.

Dotec tells us DeeFat is designed for use on bass synths and drums but is also good for general mixing and mastering. It certainly delivers the goods with beats and basslines, adding punch and power with effective control of attack and release, although we're not sure we'd trust if on our master bus.

It also exhibits unpleasant clipping when driven too hard, but that's easily rectified by backing off a bit.