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Blue Icicle review

  • £40
Blue's Icicle is a nifty way to get your favourite mic straight in a USB port.

Our Verdict

A superb piece of kit.


  • Instant XLR to USB conversion.


  • Nothing really.

Blue's Icicle is a (relatively) streamlined way to get your favourite XLR-equipped kit straight into your computer.

The most obvious use being to instantly turn any favourite or classic mic into a USB mic in seconds. While it is possible to pop your mic directly onto the Icicle the resultant 'megawand' is a little ungainly. Far better to convert it covertly via an XLR lead.

Sound quality is typically Blue excellent and easily comparable to the to the 'pro-pres' in our mid-range USB interface. Simple.

Editor-in-chief, Tech Group