Best Service Cinematique Instruments 2 review

Weird sounds of the silver screen

  • €199
The new Cinematique Instruments instalments features 15 new instruments

MusicRadar Verdict

Not every one is a hit, but there's still an abundance of original, intriguing and well-produced patches.


  • +

    Sounds great. Some interesting patches.


  • -

    Not all of it's gold.

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The sequel to Best Service's 2012 ROMpler hit comprises 60 patches built from 15 new sampled instruments.

"Highlights include the Chameleon patches within which six discrete sounds are blended via a channel mixer"

As before, the angle is experimental and, well, cinematic, highlights including the Chameleon patches (within which six discrete sounds are blended via a channel mixer), the various drum machines and the guitar harmonics patches.

The Upright Piano set is also worthy of singling out, with its Bowed, Struck and 'FX' variations. Running in Best Service's Engine ROMpler engine, each patch has a small number of controls for tweaking, and these are well thought out and sufficiently transformational.

Alas, the Huge Tuning Fork isn't as interesting as it sounds and the glockenspiel seems a bit superfluous, but there's plenty of highly usable content in this 2.8GB library.

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