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Best Service Blazin' R'n'B & Hip Hop Collection Vol. 1 review

More hip-hop beats thank you can shake your booty at

  • £60
The collection offers you a choice of commerical urban sounds.

MusicRadar Verdict

While it aims to capture the essence of commercial hip-hop, this is a bit more Blazin' Squad than actually blazin'.


  • +

    Some nice kit hits and percussion sounds.


  • -

    Other instruments lack quality.

This collection of hip-hop beats, percussion and riffs veers towards the commercial end of the urban spectrum.

The disc features 30 construction kits - these range from 80bpm to 107bpm - and a few folders of extras (including vocals and scratches).

Most users will enjoy the percussion, which has an authentic feel to it. The same can't be said of the instrumentation, which is a little lacking.

There are a few token sound effects, but for the most part it's only the drum hits that will really inspire you.

This is a fair package, but with better instrumentation it could've been a great one.

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