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Apple iPod touch 32GB (2nd Gen) review

Apple's thinner, fitter, iPod touch put through its paces

  • £289
  • $450

Our Verdict

Packs more technology into a wafer-thin, contoured, sliver of stainless steel and glass than NASA used in building Apollo 13, and we love it


  • Thinner than ever before. New Genius playlist feature. New built-in speaker and volume buttons


  • You have to use iTunes 8. No camera. Speaker is poor for listening to music. It's not an iPhone

According to Apple the new iPod touch is the funniest iPod ever. Oh no, hang on, at second glance it actually says "funnest" iPod ever. Whatever next? The mind boggles.

Despite the liberties Apple is taking with the English language, we're forced to concede almost against our will, that it has a point: This is definitely the 'funnest' iPod ever.

With the introduction of hundreds of 3rd party apps the iPod touch isn't just a music and video player; it's a fully-fledged PDA/web browser/games console with an amazingly good screen, a revolutionary multi-touch control method and Wi-Fi internet access built-in.

All this technology is locked inside a ridiculously thin 8.5mm case with a gorgeous stainless steel back.

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