t.akustik Podcast Bundle review

Podcasting requires a specific set of tools. We check out this mic based bundle from t.akustik

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t.akustik Podcast Bundle
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MusicRadar Verdict

The podcast bundle from Thomann includes 3 key podcasting components at a discounted bundle price, helping you to keep costs down as you upscale your podcasting journey


  • +

    Microphone handles plosives very well.

  • +

    Boom arm is quiet when moved.

  • +

    Boom arm has an integrated cable.

  • +

    Bundle works out much better value.


  • -

    A foam windshield would be welcome for the microphone.

  • -

    The absorber screen is quite large.

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t.akustik Podcast Bundle: What is it?

If you’re even vaguely serious about podcasting you’ll find the whole process considerably easier with some task-specific kit. Typically, we'll see the headline components such as mics and interfaces, but this time German manufacturer and vendor Thomann has sent over its t.akustik Podcast Bundle.

Comprising a microphone, tabletop mic boom arm and tabletop acoustic screen it provides podcast-specific front-end components and at a reasonable discount on buying them individually.

The core component is the t-bone MB 7 Beta, which is an end address cardioid dynamic microphone. Inspired by Shure’s eternally popular SM7b, the MB 7 Beta has an integrated u-shaped holder making the mic pretty easy to orientate.

The mic itself feels robust and also incorporates electromagnetic shielding, which is handy. As for the sonics, behind the reasonably large grille section is a built-in pop filter and shock mount.

In practice, we found we could get in very close to the grille and popping was very much under control, which is great. What’s more, with a few dB peak boost at around 11kHz and reasonably flat elsewhere the mic sounds polished rather than edgy.

That said, the mic does still pick up breathing and wind noise, and we found the most reliable speaking position was at around 10cm. If you did want to use the mic up close, then a foam windshield would definitely help, but you’d have to source this yourself as one is not included with the mic.

t.akustik Podcast Bundle

(Image credit: Thomann)

t.akustik Podcast Bundle: Performance and verdict

For podcasting, a tabletop mic stand is a must, and if you also want to keep your workspace clear then a table-mounted boom is really what you’re after, so it’s good to see one included in this bundle.

Nevertheless, cheaper tabletop boom arms usually reveal their inadequacies pretty quickly, either by being mechanically noisy, not anchoring properly or simply being unable to cope with the weight of the mic.

The MA-2050 arm is t.akustik’s cheaper design with exposed springs, and bumping the arm does impart a twangy effect. But aside from this inevitable drawback, we found no mechanical noise when actually adjusting the arms and that means no annoying noises on your podcast if you need to move the mic mid-sentence.

What’s more, with one tabletop clamp and two drilled mounting options, creating a stable anchor is easy. Throw in the integrated cable, which has over 3m of length beyond the base, and you have a very serviceable tabletop microphone boom arm.

t.akustik Podcast Bundle

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While the mic and boom are obvious inclusions, We’re less convinced by the need for the screen. As the name implies, the Desktop Absorber 120 sits on your tabletop performing absorption duties, and at first glance looks a bit like an oversized privacy shield. 

It’s reasonably light but does feel big, and this is certainly a consideration when setting up your space. What’s more, it’s worth saying that unlike t.akustik’s Vocal Head Booth, which we found did assist with isolation, this shield really doesn’t. That said, and despite our initial misgivings, the absorber does noticeably change the sound, curtailing the higher ambient frequencies and generally adding a bit of focus.

Overall, this bundle includes good quality budget components that look the part and will help improve the efficiency and sound of your podcasts.

MusicRadar verdict: The podcast bundle from Thomann includes 3 key podcasting components at a discounted bundle price, helping you to keep costs down as you upscale your podcasting journey.

t.akustik Podcast Bundle: Specifications

t.bone MB 7 Beta

  • Mic: Cardioid dynamic with integrated pop shield, shock mount and electromagnetic shielding 
  • Sensitivity: 1.41mV/Pa 
  • Impedance: 320 ohms
  • Size: 200(l) x 90(w) x 50(h) mm including holder
  • Weight: 0.45kg

Millenium MA-2050

  • Stand Length: 1m at maximum
  • Mounting: choice from 2 screw-in bases and 1 tabletop clamp
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Weight: 2.8kg

t.akustik Desktop Absorber 120

  • Absorber construction: hardened PU soft foam (25kg/m3) with felt covering (370kg/m3)
  • Size: 1200(w) x 580(d) x 600h mm, 80mm thick
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • CONTACT: t.aksutik