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Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded review

Firing on all cylinders

  • £199
  • €239
  • $225

Our Verdict

Versatility in a boost pedal - a clean or a tonally focused boost of your own choosing.


  • Dual modes are useful for dialling in the boost you're after. 26dB of boost.


  • Not the cheapest boost.

Perhaps the best of both worlds, this pedal has two modes - clean and mid boost. 

These are both accessible from the same footswitch - you simply hold it down to change modes, the LED either lighting up green or red. 

The clean boost is really transparent and, with a massive 26dB on tap, it should be enough for all conventional boosting needs. If you want a tonal shift, you have a choice of three different frequency ranges for the mid boosts as well as a Mid Q knob for a finer focus. 

This is where you want to be for coaxing more sustain out of an already driven amp. One frequency range focuses on the overall midrange, another emphasises lower mids to add increased girth to your boosts while the third will give you a high-mid boost for a tone that will cut through - not unlike a Tube Screamer’s tonal focus but retaining the bass end. A truly classy pedal, which befits its premium tag.