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Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter review

Fil(ter) yer boots

  • £145

Our Verdict

An excellent pedal.


  • Intuitive.


  • Controls can be a little intimidating at first!

Although it has a number of slightly intimidating-looking controls, the Maxon AF-9 comes to life as soon as it’s plugged in. 

The sliders for sensitivity and peak are wonderfully intuitive and the frequency range is controlled not by a pot, but by a two-way switch. 

While at first this may seem a limitation, it frees up brain power to focus on the other controls. The two range options are high, 200Hz-4kHz and low, 100Hz-2kHz allowing for both guitar and bass (or drop-tunings) to be used. 

There’s also a selector for high-pass, low-pass or tasty wah-style bandpass filtering.