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Yerasov Delay DM-6 review

A simple, solid delay pedal

  • £75
  • $100
The DM-6 offers 40-640ms delay time and outputs for both the wet and dry signal

Our Verdict

No-frills delay that will do the job with no fuss.


  • Warm tones. Solid build. Low-noise.


  • The feature set will likely be too basic for delay obsessives.

The DM-6, unlike the other Yerasov pedals we've reviewed, features buffered bypass, which makes sense as a delay pedal is often the last before an amp - and that facility should allow the use of a long cable without signal loss.

"Delays are voiced with a warm tone that blends nicely with guitar"

Although it is a digital unit, Yerasov says that it has designed the DM-6 to sound like an old-school analogue delay and, while there's no obvious degradation from repeat to repeat, they are voiced with a warm tone that blends nicely with guitar.

With delay times covering the most practical of guitar applications, repeats that run from zero up to the same level as the dry sound, and a repeat knob that's nicely graduated to get the number just right, there's a wealth of sounds.

Some users might want more from their delay pedals, but if you just want a good, honest, solidly-built, low-noise delay with well-voiced repeats and plenty of variety through knob adjustment, the DM-6 doesn't disappoint.