Way Huge Blue Hippo Analog Chorus MkII review

A limited-edition, kitted-out Blue Hippo

  • £149
  • €199
  • $242

MusicRadar Verdict

If you've been sceptical of the merits of a chorus pedal, this could change your mind.


  • +

    Excellent quality and functionality.


  • -

    Few to speak of.

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Available in a limited-worldwide edition of 900, the Blue Hippo Analog Chorus MkII adds a toggle switch to the original version to offer vibrato as an alternative to its standard chorus mode.

Speed and Depth knobs dial in the sound, which, in chorus mode, offers a similar rich warmth to a vintage Boss CE-2 - we preferred the Blue Hippo in an A/B test on certain settings, which is saying something!

In vibrato mode, the pitch modulation is lush with a range of useful tones, as the depth knob's maximum warble remains musical rather than nausea-inducing. With inspired juxtaposition of the two knobs, there's a lot of subtle shadinghere in both modes, delivering not just classic chorus and vibrato, but blurring boundaries for sounds reminiscentof milder phasing, Uni-Vibe or rotary speaker.

This is a creative hands-on pedal that beckons you to dial in your very own modulation textures, from the obvious to subliminal, otherworldly ear candy.

Trevor Curwen has played guitar for several decades – he's also mimed it on the UK's Top of the Pops. Much of his working life, though, has been spent behind the mixing desk, during which time he has built up a solid collection of the guitars, amps and pedals needed to cover just about any studio session. He writes pedal reviews for Guitarist and has contributed to Total Guitar, MusicRadar and Future Music among others.