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Vox V847 review

The original wah, for now

  • £98
  • €85
  • $99

Our Verdict

Every inch a legendary pedal.


  • Beautiful build and finish.


  • Could do with better battery access.

The legendary Vox V847 shares its DNA with the standard Jim Dunlop Cry Baby wah.

Tonally, these pedals are very similar, but the famous chrome finish is a calling card of this wah (the V845 is closest to the all-black Cry Baby, and costs a little less, too).

Build wise, we love the weight of the Vox, it feels substantial and stays firmly rooted to the spot when you're using it.

It takes a bit more oomph to kick the switch on/off, and we'd like some better battery access, but while
 the travel of the rocker pedal seems ever so slightly shorter than a regular Cry Baby, the mechanism is clearly more dampened, giving you a noticeably smoother ride than many other wah pedals out there.