Valeton Dark Tale Vintage Distortion review

Another pedal joins the RAT-pack

  • £39
  • €55
  • $49
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Our Verdict

The heavier end of distortion from the Rat school of dirt - at a lighter price.


  • Variety of distortion tones - crunchy to extreme saturation. Good value.


  • Not much.

Taking its inspiration from a Pro Co RAT, the Dark Tale's circuitry is based around a LM308 chip, but unlike the RAT's single tone knob, you get separate control over bass and treble.

"If anything, the Dark Tale can get more extreme than a RAT"

With the volume up high and the distortion down low, the Dark Tale delivers a crunchy cranked amp overdrive that many would find useful.

Advancing the distortion knob adds more harmonically-rich dirt until you get into full-on saturation with loads of sustain, albeit retaining a sharp edge and not getting mushy - definitely in rodent territory.

If anything, the Dark Tale can get more extreme than a RAT - where a RAT's Filter knob works on the treble content and retains body, the bass knob here can thin the bottom end for a leaner sound. The Dark Tale is a rodent that delivers big distortion in a small package.

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Tech Specs

Country of OriginChina
Dimensions50 x 46.5 x 93