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T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior review

An ideal power supply for a small pedal board

  • £110
  • $145
Small but perfectly formed for 9V action

Our Verdict

If you have high-current pedals, maybe look elsewhere, but if you use standard pedals this is an elegant choice

The Junior is the smallest of the four units in the T-Rex Fuel Tank range, but we've chosen to spotlight it, as it seems the perfect no-nonsense choice for a small board of up to five pedals.

You get five isolated 9V outputs, each capable of putting out 120mA, so it will easily powera set of five standard pedals.

In addition, you can use two of the outputs to power an 18V pedal via a serial cable (sold separately), or power five pedals from one output (max 24mA each) with a daisy chain cable (sold separately).