SSAudio Distortion Shout review

Shiny, happy pedal

  • $130
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Our Verdict

Silver dirt machine with useful attributes that could suit some players' dirtbox requirements.


  • Easy-to-use. Tonally flexible.


  • Not a pedal for volume boosting.

Although it still has no official UK distributor, SSAudio has whipped another stompbox for our perusal, in the form of the Distortion Shout.

Boasting an attractive brushed silver finish, it's battery or adaptor-powered and sports a bright-blue LED indicator.


"Those tone knobs can make things real nasty"

The Distortion Shout offers a dual concentric knob to adjust the gain and level for a rock distortion sound that has plenty of tonal variability, courtesy of the pedal's main selling point - separate knobs for the high, mid and low frequencies.

Those tone knobs can make things real nasty, particularly the high knob that can dial in a crackling buzz-saw tone that could slice bacon. If you're a noise merchant who likes more extreme distortion sounds, this may be for you.

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Tech Specs

Available Outputs1/4 Inch Jack
Available Inputs1/4 Inch Jack
Battery/Adaptor Type9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor