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Orange CR6S Stereo Micro Crush Pix review

Battery-powered, portable practice sounds

  • £61
  • $149.99
This is a stripped-down amp with no frills.

Our Verdict

If fewer features mean more time to perfect your playing, then its stripped back design is no bad thing.


  • Price. Size.


  • Occasionally boxy sound.

The CR6S is seemingly here to remind us that before we get busy trying out hundreds of amp and effect models, there's the small matter of practising to deal with.

Indeed, with just a gain, tone and master volume control, this mini amp is devoid of bells and there ain't a whistle in earshot. Well, that's not strictly true - it does have Aux in/ Line Out/Headphone sockets and a digital tuner, but that's your lot.

The six-watt CR6S runs off two nine-volt batteries (or an optional PSU), and uses a pair of four-inch speakers. It can be hung from a guitar strap, but we're not flamboyant enough to actually 'wear' an amp, so we kept it on terra firma throughout.

With such a basic feature set, the CR6S is going to be all about the sound, and while it stays clean most of the way up, crank the gain and you'll get a fat overdrive. As expected with an amp of this size, the sound can be a bit boxy. Find the right tone setting to minimise this.

As it runs off batteries and has an Aux In, the CR6S lends itself well to busking with a backing track, while the tuner is valuable if you're travelling light.

Granted, there are tons of low-cost practice amps out there and if you spent about £30 more you'd find yourself in the world of effects and amp models - but this Orange doesn't feel cheap.