OLP Guitars John Petrucci review

  • £264
The OLP John Petrucci boasts a dazzlingly fast fingerboard

MusicRadar Verdict

It's the technician's choice.


  • +

    Imaginative spec, luxurious feel.


  • -

    Not very flamboyant.

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You know how this works. If you're minted, you go direct to Ernie Ball and fill your boots with Petrucci's bells-and-whistles signature model. If not, you take a punt on the official entry-level version from OLP.

"I'm really excited about this affordable version of my current guitar!" frothed the Dream Theater virtuoso as the OLP model made its debut. As are we, Johnny.

Despite the lowly price tag, this China-built model boasts an imaginative spec, with a heavy mass tremolo unit wobbling at the bridge, a tasty bevelled body and the distinctive 4-to-2 headstock that has been carried over from the Ernie Ball original. It even comes with a free poster. Woo!

Rock stars tend to create signature models in their own image - thus, while the OLP John Petrucci isn't much to look at, it turns in a dazzling technical performance. From the moment we picked it up, we were struck by how sleek and co-operative this model felt, with a gorgeous fretboard letting us slide through modal solos apace and a comfortable neck heel working with twin cutaways to ensure nothing held us back.

The vibrato unit didn't feel quite as flexible as your average Floyd Rose, but it's a fantastic feature for the money. Along with a pair of versatile humbuckers that convey every nuance of a slippery run, this cemented our impression that the OLP would suit technical players behind with the rent.

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