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MXR M-181 Bass Blow Torch review

Intense bass overdrive with killer options

  • £209

MusicRadar Verdict

A highly adjustable bass overdrive/fuzz that caters for all playing styles.


  • +

    Powerful 18-volt circuit; compact presentation


  • -

    Hard to fault with so much adjustment on hand

Bass overdrive needs control to work well and this offers plenty. The mid-shift switch offers cool and subtle front-end valve stress through to blisteringly intense distortion. The side-mounted torch switch kicks ass by activating extreme fuzz and varies the effect significantly.


With volume, gain and a decent blend control, this will fatten up your sound as much as you want. Front-end distortion, valve warmth and dry-to-wet blending is easy. Additionally, the thru output allows input splitting for even more sonic options.