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Korg Pitchjack GB-1 review

With a new spin on standard concepts, these Korg tuners can't fail to interest…

  • £17.95
  • $30
Korg's latest tuners.

Our Verdict

Useful tuners that will find their way into many guitarist's 'tool kits'.


  • The Pitchblack's accuracy and clear display; the GB-1's must-have gimmick status.


  • A tempered tuning mode on the Pitchblack would be good; limited use for GB-1.

The Pitchblack is aptly named, an affordable none-more-black stage tuner - even the logos and legends are in dark grey so the only thing you'll see on a dimly lit stage is the large bright read out.

With simple in/out jacks, and large chromed metal chassis footswitch, it all seems over-easy but advertises 'true bypass' plus, next to the mains adaptor 9V input, is a second socket for power output allowing you to power up other 9V pedals but only to a max consumption of 200mA.

There's also a choice of four displays - meter, strobe 1, strobe 2 and mirror - and calibration control from 436-445Hz.

The GB-1 is a simpler affair, a battery-only 'pocket' tuner designed with a fold out jack plug that plugs into your guitar or bass.

It can't be calibrated but can be configured for flat tuning (1-7 semitones in half steps) and has a yellow flash light - ideal for those pitch black onstage moments.

The Pitchblack impresses with minimal noise or alteration of your audio path, very accurate strobe-like tuning (easily accurate enough for basic set-ups too) although instead of the display choice (meter, is fine) we'd have preferred a sweetened Peterson-style tempered mode.

The GB-1? It works and is a handy gimmick - ideal for quick backstage/in-front-of-TV tuning but that's about all.

The Pitchblack is a dead simple stage tuner of excellent accuracy and quality and at a sensible price.

The GB-1 is a handy pocket tuner that'll allow you to tune up while your Pitchblack is onstage on your pedal board! Hardly essential, it's a handy, very affordable accessory for the guitarist who wants everything.