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Keeley Recino review

Straight-forward clean delay

  • £135
  • $179
Repeat, Time and Level - you'll find no complex features here

Our Verdict

No bells and whistles here; this Spin FV-1 chip-based digital delay is all about simplicity.


  • Simple operation. Unadulterated, pure delay tones.


  • Very basic.

The Recino (Latin for echo) is a digital delay pure and simple, complementing the Magnetic Echo, a tape echo emulation pedal, already in Keeley's roster.

"Keeley seems to have pitched how the repeats sound to appeal to a wide range of players"

With just three knobs and no other tricks up it sleeve, the Recino is basic compared with some of its tap tempo-endowed rivals, but perhaps makes up for that with an emphasis on sound quality based around a Spin FV-1 chip.

Delay time spans a very practical range from a short metallic reverb-y slap through to a full second.

Keeley seems to have pitched how the repeats sound and blend in with your signal to appeal to a wide range of players (while the timbre isn't as dark as some BBD analogue delays, neither is it clinically digital); you get out an unadulterated version of what you put in.

An all-singing, all-dancing multi-faceted digital echo this is not, but the Recino's simplicity and sound is endearing.