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Joyo Roll Boost review

  • £37
The Joyo Roll Boost does what it's supposed to and provides great transparent boost.

Our Verdict

The Roll Boost offers transparent boost when you need it at a budget price and is doubles as a viable alternative to an overdrive pedal for valve amps. Blimmin' excellent.


  • Compact size; simplicity of use; tonally transparent; great for driving valve amps.


  • Four-screw battery access.

As basic a pedal as you're likely to see, the Roll Boost (shouldn't that be Rock 'N' Roll Boost?) offers up to 35dB of boost via class A circuitry, the amount being set by a single gain knob.

At minimum on the knob you get no boost whatsoever, so advancing it clockwise gives you a very workable range, from subtle upwards, for increasing the gain without changing your amp's tone.

Tried out with a Fender amp on a clean setting, we were able to drive the valves further and further to a great natural overdrive at full boost.