Homebrew Germania review

Re-thinking the Rangemaster

  • £109
  • $165
'Hi-fi' setting offers a full range boost, while the 'lo-fi' setting offers a more focused range-specific boost

MusicRadar Verdict

An aggressive shot in the arm for your amp.


  • +

    Flexible modes. Raw, aggressive boost. Hand built.


  • -

    Tonal shift not for all amps.

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The Germania is Homebrew's take on the classic Rangemaster treble booster from the 1960s, and offers up to 20dB of gain to drive your amp.

"This pedal works best with an amp that's already overdriven, and especially one that's dark-sounding"

In its 'hi-fi' setting, you get a full range boost, but a 'lo-fi' setting offers a more focused boost in one of three frequency ranges controlled with the 3Q switch. Boost in hi-fi mode is bright, with some germanium-driven grit to it, and as you turn the knob clockwise there's a massive amount available. In lo-fi mode, the three settings offer cut in the bottom but different midrange emphasis.

This pedal works best with an amp that's already overdriven, and especially one that's dark-sounding - kick it in to take it up another level and squeeze out some harmonics - it did a fine job with our old non top-boost AC30. It's also great with a dirt pedal.

The Germania can deliver a raw and aggressive boost, but that tonal shift won't necessarily suit all amp settings, so try it out with your own.


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