Fender Acoustasonic Ultralight Stereo Enclosure review

A stylish speaker system from Fender that's portable, loud and pretty damn cool.

  • £439
The Ultralight docking system uses a strong magnetic strip to secure the amp head

MusicRadar Verdict

Since the Ultralight amp head and stereo enclosure are inextricably linked together by their specifications and features, we are, in reality, looking at a £1,000-plus high-end system here. As a partnership, the Acoustasonic Ultralight system´s smooth and sophisticated sonic performance is very impressive in both its quality and its sheer loudness, although you could expect more features and greater interconnectivity at this price.


  • +

    Compact and light. Nifty amp-head docking system. Palatable treble response. Quality connection socket.


  • -

    Tailor-made for the Ultralight head - you may need custom-made cables to use it with anything else.

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The latest addition to the Acoustasonic fold also heralds Fender's new Ultralight concept, combining a compact but powerful amp head with a matching lightweight speaker enclosure to offer a stylish, portable package.

This slope-front plywood cabinet is smartly dressed in blonde, textured vinyl. There are screw-on chrome corner protectors, a standard plastic strap handle on the right-hand side, and two sets of fairly small rubber feet - one on the base and one on the left-hand side for storing or just plonking down. The black cloth grille is velcro'd on. It isn't exactly military-style construction, but it's nice and light, while the drivers and tweeters' neodymium magnets help to cut the weight down.

The enclosure itself is sealed, damped and non-ported, with separate right/left compartments. Its sole input is a Speakon-compatible four-conductor socket, which offers a very secure, optimum signal transfer connection. An internal passive crossover selectively filters the incoming signal to the woofers and tweeters, keeping the sound cleaner at high volumes.

On top of the speaker are four small black metal countersunk 'saucers' that receive the amp head's feet. Between the back two saucers, Fender has invisibly embedded a strong magnetic strip that secures the amp head, which introduces the patent-pending Ultralight docking system.

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