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EternaShine Guitar Scratch Remover review

  • £19
  • $19.95
EternaShine's scratch removal kit contains two polishes - of different levels of abrasion - and a microfibre cloth.

Our Verdict

This is a nice package that works on those small but still annoying scratches and marks, as well and giving your favourite axe a thought clean and polish. Plus, if you purchase the product from Posh Guitars, 10 per cent of the asking price goes to charity work in Africa building orphanages to care for AIDS victims.


  • It works on minor scratches and pick marks.


  • Deeper scratches will need something stronger.

Anyone who wants to keep their instrument pristine knows how frustrating minor scratches and pick marks can be.

Normal polishes won't remove those, so many of us resort to more abrasive options, such as T-Cut, which can be too harsh for some finishes. EternaShine's Guitar Scratch Remover is a new solution.

The package includes two polishes, one slightly more abrasive than the other, for those small scratches, plus a microfibre cloth. EternaShine says there's enough polish for about 25 applications.

In Use

Designed for any modern gloss finish (not satin or older, worn finishes) we try it on our well-gigged Yamaha NCX2000, which is beginning to look a little tatty with a lot of marks that a casual clean hasn't removed. Using the coarser number two polish on the back where small scratches are clearly visible, along with lots of elbow grease, our favourite Yamaha soon looks much smarter, especially after a final application of polish number one.

While some of the marks did disappear, some where still visible, though seemed less obvious; to remove these you'd probably need good ol' T-Cut.