Eastwood Airline Twin Tone

  • £360
  • $599
The Airline Twin Tone.

Our Verdict

An 'old-school' vibe guitar that will appeal to some more than others.


  • Looks, rocking tone.


  • Not quite as playable.

This is based on the classic 50s Supro Dual Tone model played by guitarists like Jimmy Page and Link Wray - yep, they didn't just play Danelectros.

You can see Joe Perry playing his Supro Dual Tone in the video for Aerosmith hankyfest I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. Our budget Airline offers all that rock star vibe on a busker's budget.

The Airline Twin Tone feels like a vintage guitar. It doesn't quite have the easy playability of most modern guitars but, to be honest, that only adds to its old-school vibe. You might not agree.

Tonally, this guitar packs a real punch thanks to its beefy sounding humbuckers. The bridge unit in particular pushed our amp into a thick overdrive that we couldn't get enough of.

That tonal power makes the Twin Tone a cool alternative to the Epiphone Les Paul or any of its many derivatives.