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Dr Green Booster Shot review

An injection of gain from this boost pedal

  • £109
The High Boost knob enables you to adjust the top-end boost

Our Verdict

A brilliant booster with a unique take on the concept.


  • Solid build. Plenty of gain available. Variable EQ boosts.


  • Nothing.

Hayden Amp's Dr Green pedal brand has arrived. Like all of the stompboxes in the range, the Booster Shot is built in the UK.

"The Booster Shot is designed to deliver a load of extra gain to drive your amp, which it does to great effect"

The Booster Shot offers a novel two-knob approach to boosting your signal. One knob, full boost, offers a boost to the sound, while the high boost knob boosts only the upper frequencies.


The pedal offers no distortion sound of its own, but is designed to deliver a load of extra gain to drive your amp - which it does to great effect with the full boost knob, keeping your preferred tone intact but working those valves into overdrive.

The high boost knob by itself will give you a distinct treble boost, but what we really liked was the juxtaposition of the two knobs for a natural boost with just the right amount of extra top end.