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DOD Phasor 201 review

A laid-back phaser pedal

  • £85
  • €98
  • $149
You can't accuse the Phasor 201 of having over-complicated controls

Our Verdict

A welcome return for a mellow-voiced phaser.


  • Musical phasing. Simple operation.


  • Not the widest array of tones, but that's not the point...

A single-knob configuration, as on MXR's Phase 90, may well be the classic design for a guitarist's phaser: if the phasing's core sound works for you, the only thing you need to tweak is its speed.

"The 201 delivers musical phasing with a mellow character"

The Phasor 201, DOD's first 70s-era phaser design, follows that as-simple-as-it-comes format, although as a two-stage phaser the 201 has more in common with the Phase 45 than the four-stage Phase 90.

While two-stage phasers are generally perceived to have milder, less pronounced phasing than designs with more stages, it is a sound that suits some players and sits well with various playing styles.

The 201 delivers musical phasing with a mellow character that starts from an otherworldly watery haze and goes through to a fast warble that emulates a fast rotary speaker sound.

Whether you're recreating classic rock sounds or creating something new, a phaser can cover a host of possibilities, and the 201 will do just that.