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Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT1 review

  • £799
  • $1520
The LiveWire humbuckers on the VMNT1 have phenomenal power.

Our Verdict

An honourable mention in the metal-V dispatches.


  • Humbucker tone. Adaptability.


  • Design a bit conservative?

This guitar has lashings of mahogany embellished with twin active LiveWire humbuckers.

We would question whether the VMNT1 is a wild departure from existing V electrics, with the only visual whimsy coming via the cool notches on the mahogany body. It's hard to stay mad at this guitar for long though.

Featuring the slim neck profile specified by Mustaine himself, this model copes equally well with both sides of the Megadeth man's style, supporting you when you thrash out complex rhythm parts and putting a rocket under your fingers when you solo.

The physical performance is reason enough to take the VMNT1 off the shelf, but it's the raw power of those active humbuckers that will have you reaching for your wallet.

This bad boy cranks out some of the darkest and dirtiest sounds we've heard in ages, with the neck turning in a menacing grind that demands powerchords and the bridge coming on like a banshee gargling nails.