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AMT Electronics SY-1 Stutterfly review

A great repeat purchase...

  • £89

Our Verdict

A well-made, well-performing pedal.


  • Solid.


  • Few surprises up its sleeve.

The SY-1 Stutterfly is the Reverberry's digital delay sibling, and like the RY-1 it's true bypass.

Switch it off and it won't colour your signal. There are no real surprises here: the echo sounds on tap run from a 50s Memphis slapback to a long delay, 30ms to one second.

We like maxing out the mix control so you can't hear the notes you pick until they come out as eerie sounding repeats. Bringing up the modulation level adds a seasick vibe to the delay sound; it's all quite groovy for 60s psychedelia, if little else.