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Greer Ghetto Stomp review

A big fat dollop of New Orleans

  • £149

Our Verdict

Full-fat and great for the natural grit of 8 just-overdriven tones, American-style.


  • Great tones.


  • Very few.

An overdrive with fairly standard three-knob configuration, the Ghetto Stomp is said to recreate the sound of New Orleans and old-school blues tones. 

And there’s a certain truth in that its sound is reminiscent of low-wattage valve-amp-style drive with a vintage US flavour: think small Fender tweed or Supro.

At low settings of the Gain knob, the pedal will add some hair to a clean amp with just enough grit to add bite to your notes and chords. Its voicing features a fair degree of bottom-end girth, useful for fattening up single coils and evidenced by the extra body it gives our Tele bridge pickup. 

That’s balanced by a Tone knob that adds presence in a natural way, but never gets too toppy. Full Gain delivers low to medium overdrive with a real raunch to it, all volume knob and touch-sensitive, encouraging you to exploit the dynamics and dig in for the dirt.