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Electro-Harmonix Blurst review

The best of times...

  • £130
  • €155
  • $137

Our Verdict

A great pedal blessed with a vast array of options.


  • Loads of options.


  • Very few.

The Blurst boasts a dizzying array of options, including a welcome tap tempo. 

It really comes into its own though when used with an expression pedal, and range, rate or filter can be controlled externally. This means that barring the distinction that a wah is a bandpass filter and this is a low pass, you get a wah-like expression-based pedal with a number of unique features. 

Altering the parameters combined with backing off the blend control means subtle sounds can be harnessed for gentle strumming or arpeggiated picking, while maxing the blend allows for wacky, dynamic solo sounds.