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Dunlop Echoplex Preamp review

Pushing an old method forward

  • £139
  • €129
  • $120

Our Verdict

A prime candidate for an always-on pedal, this delivers tonal sweetening with boost if you need it.


  • Faithful Echoplex preamp tones.


  • Not as compact as Xotic's EP Booster. Not as much dB as other boost pedals.

Before boost was readily available in stompbox form, some guitarists used other equipment to give a little extra lift 
to their amp. 

The Rangemaster treble boost was one favourite, while another option was to use an Echoplex EP-3 tape echo before your amp - but not necessarily with the echo effect engaged, as the EP-3’s FET-based preamp had a tonal mojo of its own that attracted the likes of Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen. 

This pedal aims to recreate that, manifesting itself, to our ears, as a positive shift in the tonal perspective, making guitar tone more focused and present, with a little grit thrown in, too. 

Boost takes place from about 1 o’clock on the knob and there’s 11dB available, so while it’s not going to turn a clean amp dirty, it still offers a juicy lift. While it’s a practical tool for kicking in extra whoomph for solos, you might just want this pedal on permanently as a tonal enhancer.