Peace Drums Velocity 8 Bass Drum Pedals review

Combining high spec with low cost, Peace's Velocity 8 bass drum pedals are impressive

  • £60
The Velocity 8 pedals are geared towards the more physical player and the action is even and well balanced

MusicRadar Verdict

Peace has got the balance between quality and cost absolutely bang on with these pedals. They possess plenty of attributes on their own - tough design, good build quality, a wide range of adjustments - and factoring in their prices just confirms their superb value for money. Lighter players might find a little too much resistance in them to get really comfortable, but drummers of just about any other persuasion will almost certainly be at home.


  • +

    They're well built and offer incredible value.


  • -

    A slight lack of refinement is detectable in subtler use.

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This Taiwan-based drum manufacturer´s brand grew rapidly in the UK thanks in part to clever marketing, but mainly because of the fact that Peace are making things that people want to buy. At the heart of the company's appeal lies its ability to deliver superb value, producing high quality instruments at decidedly reasonable prices.

This is very much the case of Peace's Velocity 8 pedals. Priced at little more than most companies' entry level lines, they are in fact Peace's top of the range pedals.

Stepping up

An upgrade on Peace's established Velocity series of pedals, the new Velocity 8 pedals are finished mainly in black and carry an air of capability about them. Much strengthening has gone into the new versions and as a result they feel heavy duty in a very real sense, by physically weighing a fair amount. The single model, for example, tips the scales at more than three kilos, which affords it a reassuring solidity.

The pedals sit on full-length baseplates that include a pair of finger tightened spikes. The baseplates can be adjusted through three positions. This has the affect of altering the position of the footboard either forward or backward to fine tune the feel of the pedal.

The footboards themselves are made from meaty slabs of steel and without question contribute to the impressive weight of the pedals.

They are equipped with a permanently fixed toestop and the various logos are embossed and finished contrastingly in brushed metal against the black painted interior. Among the assorted emblems is the phrase Nitro-Drive, which refers to the up-rated bearing system. Nowadays any bass drum pedal worth treading on is not complete without the presence of at least one graphic, speed suggesting moniker and in this respect, Nitro-Drive is as good as any other out there.

"An offset wingnut makes it possible to attach the pedal to the bass drum without having to scuff your hand under the footboard. Supplied with the pedals are two lengths of self-adhesive rubber to protect the hoop from becoming too gnawed by the pedal clamp".

The bearings are housed within redesigned castings that are stronger and more durable than those that they replace. In use they provide a smooth and silent action.

Original spring

A single spring, located customarily on the outside of the right post, tensions the pedals. The top of the spring clamps onto a knurled spindle at the end of the driveshaft, making it possible to alter the rake of the beater.

The double pedal has built in versatility where the springs are concerned, with the left hand pedal also incorporating the mouldings required to house the spring assembly. This means that the second beater and spring can be detached from the main pedal and fitted to the left hand unit, creating two single pedals - useful if you get so good at twin kicking that you invest in a second bass drum.

Twin cam-fed chains - inherently more substantial than an equivalent single width chain - drive the pedals. The chains are fixed at their longest setting, but it is possible to shorten them. This would raise the pitch of the footboard without having any affect on the angle of the beater.

The beaters are symmetrical, sporting one felt and one rubber side. The beater head can be changed by simply unscrewing it from the beater shaft. A locking nut guards against it flying off mid-performance. Only one nut secures the other end of the beater shaft onto the cam, which is surprising, given the efforts to keep everything firmly under control elsewhere on the pedal.

Under exceptional circumstances, it's possible that a demanding player could loosen the nut and therefore the beater. A second nut would guarantee against such a predicament.

Working for the clampdown

An offset wingnut makes it possible to attach the pedal to the bass drum without having to scuff your hand under the footboard. Supplied with the pedals are two lengths of self-adhesive rubber to protect the hoop from becoming too gnawed by the pedal clamp.

An appropriately sized case completes each pedal package. The cases are not novelty add-ons bundled in to create value. They are well presented examples that are desirable in their own right.

To play, both of the pedals feel positive. They are definitely geared towards the more physical player looking to stamp out every beat. While the action of the pedals is even and well balanced, all their strength and weight makes them less suited to subtler playing. If you possess a nimbler foot technique then they may feel as though they are lacking at that end of the scale. This minor criticism notwithstanding, these are extremely playable pedals that will doubtless prove near impossible to break.


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