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Danelectro Filthy Rich Tremolo review

Simple but effective

  • £79
  • €66

Our Verdict

Two classy tremolo options in a compact setting with simple operation.


  • Good price.


  • Won’t be for all.

Apparently based on the tremolo found on Danelectro amps from the late 1940s, the Filthy Rich has a very basic set of controls, the same in fact as the previous Tuna Melt pedal. 

A switch selects two different tremolo types, Hard and Depth. Hard is a square wave tremolo that’s almost an on/off stutter effect as it has a preset depth and doesn’t go to complete silence. 

The Depth knob, in fact, only comes into play on the Soft setting, a much gentler sine wave tremolo reminiscent of 1960s Fender amps, which can go from a skittery flutter to a deep throb. The only other control is an internal trim-pot for a level-compensating boost. 

Players who demand tap tempo and a wider range of waveforms might not be interested, but this may be ideal for anyone who wants an affordable slimline tremolo with simple control and, most importantly, a sound that holds its own alongside units that cost much more.