Bogner Burnley review

Burn baby, burn!

  • £149

MusicRadar Verdict

Dynamic, versatile... what more do you want?


  • +

    Great overdrive.

  • +

    Cleans up very well.


  • -


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Reinhold Bogner was on the frontline of the high-gain amp revolution, and here he’s teamed up with studio desk pioneer Rupert Neve. 

The Burnley is a 100 per cent analogue distortion, equipped with Neve-designed transformers, and the promise of “fire-breathing pandemonium” - a promise slightly at odds with its clean, modern looks. 

The standard controls are joined by a fat/tight switch and it can be powered from a battery or power supply. 

Tonally, it’s less molten metal and more aggro rock monster, but it cleans up nicely for overdrive and semi-clean sounds. Meanwhile, flipping to Fat and upping the gain screams for chunky power chord riffs. 

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