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Zoom’s GCE-3 is an unbelievably small guitar multi-effects/interface

Zoom has quietly rolled out the GCE-3, a combined desktop multi-effects processor and interface, and a near-identical miniaturisation of its G3n multi-effects.

The USB-C bus-powered interface features a built-in DSP processor to take the load off your computer, promising near-zero latency.

There is a snag, though, as it turns out all the unit’s panel controls are for aesthetics only; it’s actually controlled via Zoom’s Guitar Lab app for Mac/Windows.

Still, if the Guitar Lab matches the multi-effects it’s based on, it should offer a bevy of guitar and bass effects and amps/cabs, all of which will be updated throughout its lifespan.

I/O includes a standard guitar input, aux stereo input jack and headphone output.

There’s no word on how much the GCE-3 will be, or when it will be available, but we do know Cubase LE is thrown in for free. Head on over to Zoom for more info.

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