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Zoom unveils affordable G3n and G3Xn guitar multi-effects pedals

Zoom has expanded its flagship line of multi-effects pedals with the announcement of the G3n and G3Xn, which promise the company's "most realistic stompbox, amplifier, and cabinet emulations yet".

Trimmed-down versions of the well-received G5n, both units deliver 70 effects, including an 80-second looper, plus 10 amp/cab emulations, while the G3Xn adds a built-in expression pedal.

Zoom is touting the units' fast and intuitive editing as a key selling point, promising the hands-on feel of a regular stompbox combined with a trio of LCD displays to adjust whole effects chains, of which you can store up to 150 as patches.

Three upper footswitches turn individual effects on and off, while the three lower switches scroll through patches.

68 built-in rhythm patterns are onboard, as well as stereo ins and outs, USB recording and a mic on/off feature, which optimises the pedals for use with real amps or for playing and recording direct to a PA/interface.

The differences between the G3n/G3Xn and their bigger brother, the G5n, lie in the max number of patches (150 vs 200), max number of FX in chains (7 vs 9) and footswitches (6 vs 9). Otherwise, the units feature the same sounds and functionality.

In typical Zoom fashion, these will hit at a seriously affordable price point: the G3n and G3xn are available from November for £150/£165.