Yamaha at VGS 2020

(Image credit: Yamaha)

VGS 2020: For more than a century, Yamaha has occupied the sweet spot between tradition and innovation. On every step of that 133-year journey, right up to the latest TransAcoustic and Revstar series, we’ve earned our status as an unmatched game-changer, always giving modern musicians the right tools, just as they need them. 

“At Yamaha, we’re always trying to become less like other companies. It’s all about how you make it fresh for today’s musicians.”

Ken Dapron

As Ken Dapron, founder and manager of the original Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD) custom shop in North Hollywood, says: “At Yamaha, we’re always trying to become less like other companies. It’s all about how you make it fresh for today’s musicians.” 

In modern times, we’ve kept that rebel spirit alive at Yamaha, from the evolving range of THR modelling amps to the 2014 acquisition of Californian tone wizards Line 6, famed for the POD and Helix processors. 

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Yet our blue-sky spirit has always run in tandem with a deep expertise in the craft of instrument building: the hard-won artisan skills, centuries-old transfer of knowledge and human touch that mean every Yamaha product thrives in a flesh-and-blood world. 

The fact that our greatest hits are still right on the pulse – with the famed Pacifica guitar series celebrating its 25th anniversary in production last year, and 1976’s classic SG2000 changing hands for a fortune online amongst collectors – is testament to the substance behind the vision.  

At the 2020 Virtual Guitar Show, discover both sides of the Yamaha story. Explore our exclusive video content and we’ll introduce you to the best of the new product line, showcased by the world-class musicians carrying them into battle. 

Yamaha Guitar Development Custom Shop

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Custom Shop, Yamaha Senior Designer and Luthier, Pat Campolattano, welcomes virtual visitors on a never-before-seen tour of our famous facility in California, going behind the scenes everywhere from the wood shop to the spray booth.  

Billy Sheehan and friends

Billy Sheehan Attitude III: And when it comes to seeing these instruments in action, here you’ll find exclusive video walkthroughs from music industry legends and the best of the new breed. Below, hard-rock giant Billy Sheehan demos his Yamaha Custom BB Attitude bass

Josh Smith vs Yamaha THR30II Wireless

THR30II Wireless: Get inspired as US roots sensation Josh Smith shows you the tonal possibilities of the Yamaha THR30II Wireless. 

The Guitar Museum Archive

Join Yamaha’s Paul Hindmarsh as he journeys to Japan to explore our state-of-the-art guitar museum and gear archive, revisiting the legendary models and cult heroes.

The Virtual Guitar Show 2020 chimes perfectly with Yamaha’s questing spirit. 

Since 1887, we’ve made it our mission to move with the times, embracing the future while retaining the best of the past, and giving a home to progressive and traditionalist musicians alike. Whichever one you are, enjoy the show.